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Todays’ learners demand affordability, flexibility, and a quantifiable return on investment. At StraighterLine, we understand the importance of staying ahead in the competitive landscape of higher education. By incorporating our comprehensive course catalog into their offerings, high schools, colleges, and universities unlock new opportunities to grow enrollment, retain students, and serve non-traditional and at-risk learners. 

Help Students Take a Smarter Line to their Degree


StraighterLine offers high-quality, 100% online courses for college credit, with a focus on general education requirements and in-demand career topics. All StraighterLine courses undergo an intensive quality review process by the American Council on Education (ACE) Credit Recommendation Service prior to being available to students. With a 65+ course catalog that articulates to 160+ partner schools and courses accepted at over 3,000 institutions, we boast the widest transfer success net.

By articulating the StraighterLine catalog, you can guarantee a seamless transfer experience for learners.

Your Partner in Driving Student Success and Institutional Growth

Seamless Growth

Add up to 65+ ACE-approved asynchronous college-level courses right into your existing curriculum. Provide options for learners who may need prerequisite courses for admission. Create a pathway for more students to enroll easily into your school. 

Flexible Learning Serving Today’s Learners

Empower your students to build a path that balances education with other life commitments, demonstrating to your learners a progressive approach to degree completion. We are the provider of choice for those serving non-traditional, athlete, at-risk and adult learners. 

Comprehensive Student Support

StraighterLine provides student’s exceptional guidance and assistance throughout the entire learning journey. With dedicated tutoring, proctoring, and a 24/7 support team available, students have access to personalized support whenever they need it.

Don’t need to articulate the entire catalog? 

You can select specific courses to insert into your curriculum to extend your offerings where needed. 



Operation Rescue: Re-engaging the Disengaged Student

Students’ Lived Experiences in Transferring Credits: New Empirical Research

Offer Courses as Part of an Existing Curriculum

StraighterLine partners with institutions that articulate our courses directly as part of a degree offering. 

In the current environment, many schools are making critical tradeoffs when it comes to program development. Some courses may be too expensive to create, have lower demand, or are difficult to staff. In these cases, choose StraighterLine as a scalable option to supplement your course offerings to ensure students have access to the courses they need to complete their degree at your institution.

Our Partners in Learner Growth & Success

StraighterLine is an exclusive partner of the course-sharing platform Acadeum. We are also proudly an official sponsor of the NJCAA.

StraighterLine partners with ​​colleges and universities around the world, helps businesses provide online degree pathways for employees, and supports several national associations that are thought-leaders in higher education.

Workforce Education Partner

StraighterLine powers workforce education programs that help colleges grow their enrollment and meet the needs of their local communities by identifying transfer credit pathways for employer-supported learners. By partnering directly with businesses or brokers, StraighterLine creates flexible, accessible pathways for working adults to earn a college degree.

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