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More than ever, employers need to invest in affordable education benefits to recruit, retain, and advance workers who value continuous learning as a condition of employment. At StraighterLine, we help business leaders harness the power of workforce education to create degree opportunities for employees and improve business outcomes. 


We offer flexible learning subscriptions tailored to your employee’s educational needs complete with wraparound support to ensure their academic success. With StraighterLine, you can transfer thousands in savings to each employee on their path to a degree.

The StraighterLine learning platform offers 65+ high-quality, online courses for transferable college credit, covering the disciplines most relevant to the future of work. Employees can earn college credit while gaining in-demand skills they need to advance their careers. With the broadest catalog and school transfer network on the market, StraighterLine makes it easy for your employees to learn and earn without disrupting their work responsibilities.


Big Blue Marble Academy partners with StraighterLine and ChildCare Education Institute to offer a professional development and education benefit for its early childhood learning professionals. This scholarship program provides pathways for its employees to either acquire Child Development Associate ® certification training or to pursue a college degree. Together, we are helping build the next generation of lead teachers and administrators.

There are thousands of JetBlue crewmembers without a college degree. JetBlue Scholars is an innovative L&D program to help their people succeed. The program partners with StraighterLine as one of its online course providers to make earning a degree simpler and more affordable than ever. StraighterLine helps JetBlue Scholars achieve its mission of inspiring higher education for all.


Every dollar spent with us translates into value for your employees and your business. 

World Class Learner Support

Our learning platform boasts on-demand education content and industry leading tools to ensure your employees remain engaged in their learning experience. With available technical support and student success advisors available 7 days a week, learners can access personalized help when they need it most.

 Turnkey Service

With a few simple set up steps, StraighterLine can manage your education program - allowing you to focus on core business needs. Our team can tackle everything from engaging eligible employees through personalized marketing to facilitating subscription renewal processes to sending transcripts.

Flexible Subscription Plans

Our team of experts can help you select a learning subscription aligned with your business objectives, customized by course volume, length, and price per license.

Track and Measure Success

Track employee performance with our data insights, and be confident that your education investment remains aligned with your business goals.


Provide employees with the number of courses they need to meet your business goals.

Offer select courses for quick team-based upskilling.

Jump start employee learning with one semester of college courses.

Fast-track employees to earn a degree with no debt with two semesters of college courses.


Designed for the pace of life, our accelerated degree pathway is self-paced, available for immediate start, and accessible 24/7. Employees will save time and money earning their degree.


“StraighterLine was a great experience for me. I am a business student and was able to take a few classes I needed to graduate early, and they transferred to my current college with no problems! I like that it was at my own pace and affordable as well.”

– Payton

“Very straightforward, easy to use, and an affordable alternative to typical college or university courses. StraighterLine saved me a significant amount of time since it’s at your own pace. I was able to transfer the credit to my university towards my nursing degree, and saved over $10,000 and six months worth of my time allowing me to graduate sooner. I highly recommend StraighterLine to everyone that’s looking to save time and money on their degree.”

– Nicole


StraighterLine offers 65+ high-quality, online courses covering the disciplines most relevant to the future of work. The top courses chosen by employees like yours include:

English Composition I 

 College Algebra

Managerial Accounting

Business Communication

Principles of Management

Organizational Behavior

Learn how to meet the needs of a changing workforce.

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